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About Us

Belgrave Private Equity

For many years, the goal of Belgrave Private Equity Company has been to partner with visionary entrepreneurs and help create valuable new companies and important new industries by investing capital in exciting, new, technology-based opportunities.
Our involvement is active and intense, balanced by patience and persistence. In an industry characterized by hunger for quick fortunes, we're there for the long term. Integrity and stability lie at the core of Asset Management's way of doing business.
Entrepreneurs face many challenging issues. The Belgrave’s team understands such challenges and we help navigate start-ups through the critical stages of company development. Our investment professionals include successful entrepreneurs, qualified technologists, seasoned venture capitalists and experienced board members. We provide sound advice from those who have faced similar situations. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of our experience in venture capital, finance, marketing, sales, strategy and organization development.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide clients with superior, long-term performance by passionately executing our value oriented investment process in a limited number of differentiated absolute return strategies.

Our Culture
Our culture is defined by a team approach and significant sharing of equity, which aligns the goals of Belgrave’s with our clients and results in an organization of unparalleled stability and excellence.

Our Philosophy
Belgrave’s investment philosophy focuses on the belief that competitive risk adjusted returns are achieved by actively managing portfolios for total return. Our value philosophy identifies companies where the market value of the balance sheet does not accurately reflect the enterprise value of the underlying businesses. We believe that double-digit returns can be compounded over market cycles by investing in companies with sound business models and management committed to de-leveraging. We believe that total return opportunities can be identified across the entire capital structure. Within its absolute return strategies, Belgrave’s uses hedging to capture returns and manage market exposures, risk and volatility.

The Team

"At Belgrave Private Equity, we view our investment role as a partnership with the founders and syndicate partners. We help finance, build, and mentor our teams but firmly realize that it's the founders and individuals in the day to day operations of the company who are most instrumental in building a large, long-term business."
People are key to the success of any business, not least our own. By promoting strong teamwork and individual accountability we’re able to give our free thinkers the flexibility to get on with doing what they do best. This is one of the reasons why the investment teams have very low turnover rates providing stability to the funds. The firm's structure promotes partnership and operating leverage designed to align the interests of all Belgrave’s stakeholders.

Countries With Potential
Goldman Sachs included Bangladesh in its Next 11 after the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China), which identified countries that may have the potential one day to emulate the BRIC nations who are forecast to rival developed economies.

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JP Morgan Report
JP Morgan produced a report in April 2007 (From Ho Chi Minh Trail to Mexico) where they included Bangladesh in their Frontier Five. The Frontier Five was selected on the relative attractiveness of these markets based on macro-economic and demographic trends.

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Investments are made wherever BPE think that they can maximise profit and minimise risk for the investors.
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