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Our Strategy Works
Although opportunities abound in numerous sectors, we focus our vision on Six areas that promise real, fundamental change to 21 Century economies, industries and societies: Robotic Technology with artificial intelligence, 3D Software & Technology, 21 Century Education, Digital Medicine, Hospitality & Leisure, and Real Estate. We are looking for businesses that have the potential to generate significant earnings over the long term. Our goal is to help create large, successful companies.
To that end, the product should address large markets and significant unmet needs. Inspired leaders and capable management should run the company. Certainly the technology is an important element, but the success or failure of a company will ultimately depend on the management team. Integrity, creativity, energy and ethical business practices are our basic rules for success.
Although we are flexible, our initial investment generally ranges between £5,000 and £1 million. Typically, we enter at the seed or early stage of a company's evolution but will participate in all stages of venture financing. We seek to lead such investments, and often invite other venture firms to participate with us. When appropriate, we also co-invest with a network of other experienced venture companies.
If the circumstances are right, we're willing to wait for success, although the path to profitability is always in mind.
“Our time horizon is four-to-seven years to maturity. And our strategy is to be active in all aspects of start-up's development, including strategy, recruiting, partnerships, financing, and operational advice.”
- Murray Alexander, Founding Partner
Most of our investments are Asia and. We believe that most effective relationships grow from being nearby and the frequent personal contact geographic proximity affords. That said, we do consider proposals from farther distances as well.
If you feel that the following features describe your business, then please consider Asset Management Company as a potential investment partner:
• A cost-effective solution to a significant problem
• A new, broad and enabling technology
• A focused development approach with realistic, clearly-defined milestones
• A strong proprietary and competitive position
• A projected market of at least £50 million
• Strategies for commercialization, profitability and market dominance
• A superior management team
• Scientific and technical leadership
Countries With Potential
Goldman Sachs included Bangladesh in its Next 11 after the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China), which identified countries that may have the potential one day to emulate the BRIC nations who are forecast to rival developed economies.

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JP Morgan Report
JP Morgan produced a report in April 2007 (From Ho Chi Minh Trail to Mexico) where they included Bangladesh in their Frontier Five. The Frontier Five was selected on the relative attractiveness of these markets based on macro-economic and demographic trends.

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Investments are made wherever BPE think that they can maximise profit and minimise risk for the investors.
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